Friday Find! Featuring: Abyssimo, by Maria Grossbaum-Fondler

Happy Friday, Friends!

I’m sorry for missing my Wednesday post this week.  I enjoyed my time off with my friends this past weekend, but had so much catching up to do once they left!

Lesson learned; when planning ahead, over-plan.  I definitely underestimated how much I needed to get done work-wise in anticipation of the time off.

But I digress.  You’re here for my Friday Find, and you are about to be visually stunned!


Today’s featured artist is someone I’ve been following for close to 2 years now.

Maria Grossbaum-Fondler is a mixed media artist, and owner of the Etsy shop ‘Abyssimo’.

As I’ve said before, I’m very drawn to abstract and mixed media art, and I love bright, jewel-toned colors.  So It’s no wonder Maria’s work sucked me in!


Click here to check out Maria’s Etsy shop!



I am constantly amazed at what she produces, and could stare at her work for hours.  There’s so much to discover within a single piece!


Click here to check out this listing!


Her use of texture, mixed with intensely pigmented color, and reflective pieces creates a truly mesmerizing work of art…every, single, time.


Click here to check out this listing!


Click here to check out this listing!


click here to check out this listing!


Maria lives in Toronto, Ontario.  And if you are lucky enough to live near her, you can attend one of her workshops, where she teaches her techniques!  Check out her video to get a little peek at her creative process, and to learn a bit about her!


And here’s something I discovered while doing some deeper research for this post: Maria now offers an on-line course as well!  So even those of us living in the swamps of America (ie. ME) have access to her creative wisdom!

click here to check out her on-line class!

The on-line course is currently in pre-sale, at a special price, so make sure to grab your seat soon, because I’m sure it will fill up very quickly!


Maria’s work is for sale in her etsy shop, and she can also be found on facebook, where she often updates information about her current projects, and upcoming workshops.

So do your eyes a favor this Friday, and spend some time checking out Maria’s amazing work!

I think that class may just be at the top of my Christmas wish-list! What about you?


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