Meatless Monday! Menu: TVP…what?



I’m sure a lot of you can relate to our furry friend here.


If you’ve never heard of TVP, and you’re exploring the world of vegetarianism, or simply trying to lower your meat consumption, TVP is a great tool to have in your kitchen arsenal!

TVP stands for ‘Texured Vegetable Protein’.


Mmmm. Sounds appetizing, I know.



But a few weeks ago you thought tofu was gross, and after my post on how to cook it, you’re in love, right?

Of course you are.

So give me the benefit of the doubt here, and keep on reading about this mysterious magical morsel of vegetarian cooking.


TVP is usually made from soy flour or soy concentrate, but it can also be made from cotton seeds, wheat or oat (Although the kind you’re most likely to find is usually going to be the soy variety).

I usually get mine in the bulk bin at Whole Foods, but you can find the Bob’s Red Mill brand here at Amazon if you can’t find it locally.





It comes in a dried, flake form, and can be stored for over a year! ( like I said…pantry staple!)

TVP must be rehydrated, and once it has absorbed the liquid, it is a fantastic substitute for recipes that call for ground beef.

In my house, we use TVP mostly for tacos and chili, but I’ve also used it to make a vegetarian version of chicken-wing dip, as well as Sloppy Joe’s!




Because TVP has a very mild, almost non-existent flavor, I like to rehydrate it with vegetable broth, or Better Than Boullion’s  ‘No Chicken Base’.  It adds a great savory flavor, but its not necessary, so if you’ve only got plain old water on hand, it will work just fine!


it can be tricky to find in some stores, but you can get it here on Amazon.


You can rehydrate TVP anywhere from a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio with your chosen liquid, depending on what you’re going to use it for.  When I make chili with it, I generally just toss the dry TVP into the crock pot with everything else, and add a bit more liquid from the diced tomatos.  ( I like my chili pretty thick, so the TVP helps to absorb extra liquid and keep it from getting too soupy).

I’ll be back next Monday with my super fast and easy TVP taco recipe, so check out your local grocery stores, or pick some up from Amazon, and get ready to be amazed next week and just how great TVP is as a ground meat substitute!


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