Behind the Scenes: How It’s Made Volume 1

Happy Wednesday friends!

For this week’s Behind the Scenes, I’m not only going to reveal one of the 10 pieces in Wire Peacock’s new collection, but I’m going to show you how I made it!

This is the Envelope Wallet; a slim solution to carrying your cash and cards.



Wire Peacock has offered a clutch wallet for a while…the kind of wallet you can carry your whole life in.  And it’s not going anywhere!  (although it is getting a bit of a make-over…stay tuned for updates!)


You can find this one of a kind typewriter version here !


But not everyone likes a big bulky wallet.  So for you stylish minimalists out there, I’ve created this sleek, envelope style wallet!


It has two bill slots, which is great if you keep money separated for budgeting purposes, or if you like to have a place to put receipts separate from your cash when you’re shopping, and each bill slot also holds 4 credit cards!


When it debuts on September first, it will be available in 4 gorgeous styles; a vegan suede in mustard or silver (which you’ll see in the video), as well as two vegan leather options: a stunning kelly green, and a beautiful, rich kona crocodile.

Make sure to join the VIP Facebook Group if you haven’t already, because these babies may just be going on pre-sale for VIP members before they officially launch! (hint, hint!)

So check out the video, and let me know what you think!  What colors/finishes in this wallet would you like to see in future seasonal collections?


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