Change Your Bag. Change A Life: Wire Peacock’s New Mission

change your bag change a life


I’m so excited to finally be writing a blog post about this!



Back in December, I had the honor of touring the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, PA.  I had been following them on Social Media for a while (I’ll post their links at the end of this post!), and had fallen in love with not only the animals that reside there, but with their mission to help provide these sweet souls with a safe and loving home.



who wouldn’t want to live here?                                                                  image courtesy of


You should have seen me fan-girl like a teeny-bopper meeting Justin Bieber, when I was finally face to face with my favorite resident, Selick.



Isn’t he dreamy?                                                                                 Image courtesy of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.



When I returned home from my Christmas travels,  I began planning my overhaul of Wire Peacock.  New logo, new product lines….but something felt like it was missing.  It bugged me for a while.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but there was something about the re-brand just beyond my mental reach, that was nagging at me.  It was like trying to remember a dream…like I knew there was SOMETHING else that was supposed to be, about the new Wire Peacock, and I couldn’t figure it out.


At the same time I was trying to work all of this out, I was raising money for my St. Baldrick’s head-shaving campaign.

I was so enjoying spreading the word for such a good cause, and knowing that even though it might be a small difference….I was making one.

unfortunately the best shots of my head-shaving are all screen-captures from the periscope broadcast!


And suddenly, one day,  It hit me.  It was like a giant puzzle piece fell into place, with a soul-shaking click;  Making a difference.  That was what was missing from Wire Peacock!

Sure, I was going to be providing an option for vegan friendly bags and wallets, but what kind of difference was I going to be making in the world?  I was helping animal lovers, I needed to help the animals too!



And that was when Wire Peacock’s new mission and long term goals fell into place…donating a portion of the profit from EVERY sale to animal sanctuaries. We’re starting small, with a single inaugural benefactor sanctuary, but the long term goal, through business expansion, is to be able to to continue to add sanctuaries all over the US (heck, maybe the world!) to our list of benefactors!

business card back
the back of Wire Peacock business cards 🙂

I’m so happy to announce, that starting with the debut of the new Wire Peacock on September 1st, 2016,  5% of the profit from every single Wire Peacock sale will be donated to our first benefactor;


click here to visit Indraloka’s website!




You’ll be changing a life, every time you make a Wire Peacock purchase…which just so happens to make for a great tag line 😉

When you purchase a Wire Peacock bag or wallet, inside you’ll find a card with the photo and name of one of Indraloka’s residents, and a link to read about their individual story.


Each month, I will also be featuring one of the animals and their story on my blog!

So help me to welcome Indraloka to the Wire Peacock family, and give their website a look, and their social media accounts some love! You can find them on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! Tell them I sent you!

After you check out all the sweet faces that live there, come back here and tell my who your favorite is! I love all those furry souls, but Selick has a special place in my heart! ❤


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