Friday Finds! Featuring: Polinary Soup

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful week, and if you’re reading from the US, are ready for a relaxing and safe holiday weekend!



I myself am celebrating a week of working successfully, despite being down a digit due to an unfortunate mishap with a utility knife that ended in stitches.  I’ll spare you the photograph of my mangled finger and put a cute kitten here instead. You’re welcome.




This Friday’s find is one that I stumbled upon pretty recently, but I’m so in awe of her talent that I wanted to share it with everyone here!

polinary soup 1
Polinary Soup is owned by Jenn, and her talent for hand-dying really just blows me away!


Everyone remembers tie-dying.  Whether you were fortunate enough to have experienced the 70’s first hand, or you attended a birthday party or sleepover in the 90’s, chances are you’ve attempted it at least once.  And chances are, you ended up with something resembling a mud-covered t-shirt.

accurate representation of every attempt I’ve ever made at tie-dye. ever.



But this girl, has got. it. down.  She has not only mastered color theory, but she has a mesmerizing ability to tie fabric in a way that creates almost mandala-like prints and patterns.

Seriously. Look at this stuff!


polinary soup 2


One of the things that made me check out her shop in the first place was her tie-dyed baby items.  Which is funny, because I don’t have any children, or solid plans for acquiring any in the near future.

But rest assured, if and when I do take on the gigantic task of raising a tiny person, they will most definitely  be sporting a tie-dyed onesie while napping on their tie-dyed crib sheet.

polinary soup 3


polinary soup 4
forget a crib, I’m thinking about buying this thing to hang on the wall! LOOK. AT. IT!

She also creates t-shirts and scarves, that somehow mange to be simultaneously hippie-chic, and as elegant as an Indian batik hanging in an art gallery.

polinary soup 6

polinary soup 5

To top it all off, her beautiful pieces are ridiculously affordable.

So take some time on this fine Friday to go checkout Polinary Soup. I guarantee you’ll be as smitten with her skillful dye-work as I am!  And make sure to let me know in the comments about any artisans whose work you just adore!



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