Behind the Scenes: A New Look, and a Life Lesson.

When I made the decision to ‘go for it’, and to make Wire Peacock a successful, full-time business, I knew I needed to ‘get it together’ as far as creating a more cohesive visual brand identity.  What I didn’t know was that in the process of  doing so, the Universe would teach me a valuable lesson about trust and letting go.


leap of faith, and all that jazz.



I’ve always been the type of person who prefers to learn a skill and then have it in my proverbial tool belt for the rest of my life, rather than to pay someone else for a service.  It’s a trait that runs in my family.

My Grandfather is very much an old-fashioned ‘every-man’.  If he needed a second bathroom,  well, he’d put one in, plumbing and all.  If he needed a dining room table, well, it was time he bought lathe and learned to use one anyway.  My grandmother loved beautiful costume jewelry, so he learned how to make that too. My grandfather passed that work ethic and thirst for practical knowledge to my father, and I can say, gratefully, that he passed that on to my sister and me.  The old ‘teach a man to fish’ proverb is one that rings very true in our family.



Hey man, I got this.  I read ‘Fire-Fighting for Dummies’ last night.


So, as someone who is artistically inclined, it hadn’t been too hard for me to put together a sort of ‘logo’ back when I started Wire Peacock.  One that would work well enough to represent a  part-time hobby, at least.  Hiring a designer is expensive after all, and well, when your small hobby/business is just getting started, you have to pick and choose your monetary priorities wisely.  But while I know my way around Photoshop and Illustrator well enough to do some basic editing and such… a graphic designer, I am not.




Oh boy. Yeesh. I can’t wait to show you the new good stuff!


In fact, I get frustrated pretty quickly with most 2 dimensional forms of art.  Though my High School had a superb art program, I always dragged my way through my classical art classes, counting the minutes until I could go to jewelry class, or sculpture class, or fiber and textile class ( I told you we had a great art program!).  I feel much more at home with creating in three-dimensional space, transforming the vision in my mind not only into a vision on paper or canvas, but one that can be experienced in the tactile realm as well. Which is a good thing, I guess, since bags and wallets are very much three-dimensional!





But, while my slapped-together peacock graphic worked back in the hobby days, it wasn’t going to cut it now. And while I’m not always great at realizing and accepting my personal limitations, this time, I knew I needed to hire a professional.

This made me nervous.


I’m a certified, card-carrying, control-freak.  I was the kid in school that did the entire group project myself, for fear of relying on another person to do their part ‘correctly’.  So delegating is a pretty uncomfortable thing for me, especially when it comes to something as personal as an artistic vision.  I had a feel of what I wanted my new branding images to look like, but how the heck was I going to communicate a feel to another person?

So I put together a mood board on Pinterest, pinning images of everything from people, to art, to home decor that I felt evoked what I wanted Wire Peacock to look like.  And I just had to hope that the Universe would point me in the direction of a designer who could take that, and my attempt at verbalizing my vision, and turn it into graphics that I would love.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And my good ol’ reliable friend, said Universe, did just that.


The designer I chose to work with took all of those photos and the design inspiration behind them, and created beautiful images that cohesively represents Wire Peacock.  A big part of my inspiration comes from Indian and Moroccan art and decor, and I had told her of my love for Mandalas.  She not only incorporated the rich jewel tones that were so important to me, but created a beautiful peacock feather branding image for me, inspired by Mandalas.  I NEVER would have thought of that! That kind of thinking is not something that can be taught.

mandala example.jpg


This is where the ‘teach a man to fish’ proverb falls short.  Fishing is a skill.  .

There is no doubt that art requires skill.  But art is MORE than skill.  Art also requires talent.

I could have learned every single thing there is to know about graphic design, and layout, and typography, and scale.  I could have taken the time to become proficient in the use of tools within Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  But I never would have come up with the beautiful branding that I received by hiring a professional.  Because while I do possess talent, like every person on this earth does, I don’t possess ALL the talent.  And neither do you.  And neither does he, or she or them. Everyone has a talent that is unique to them, and thank God, because the world would be chaotic and boring if everyone could do anything.

And while its hard for me to admit that I’m not good at EVERYTHING, because of some abstract fear of failure I’ve carried around all my life, outsourcing my branding images was a good lesson for me, both as a person and a business owner. I  learned that letting go of some control can be a good thing.  While I did get a little clammy, and may have experienced a bit of dry mouth after giving the go-ahead to my designer, the world didn’t implode into a violent supernova just because I took a chance, and let someone do what they do best in an area where I am not the best.  It was quite the opposite. Sometimes, being exceptional at one thing, is better than trying to be good at everything.  

Gee, what a notion!


Those of you who are on the VIP email list ( snatch that 15% off discount for signing up while you still can!), and in the VIP facebook group , have already had the chance to get used to Wire Peacock’s makeover, but you should still feel privileged my faithful blog readers, because the general public won’t be seeing these changes on social media until the countdown to the big September 1st re-launch begins!


So, without further ado, I present Wire Peacock’s new look!


change your bag change a life


hmmm….what’s that tag-line about… ‘change your bag. change a life.’ ?  I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned until next Wednesday to find out! 😉


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