Meatless Monday! Menu: Tofu (Seriously, you’re gonna love it!)



Are your Mondays meatless?  If not, they totally should be!

I’m not here to preach about how the world should become vegan.

Everyone has their own life, their own story, their own journey.  I’m down with that.  Peace and love, man.


But! Sometimes, you get in a rut, you get bored…you want to shake things up a little bit. And,  there’s no denying that if the world ate a little less meat, it would have a pretty big and beneficial impact on the environment as a whole.

So why not start each week with a sense of adventure, and forgo the foie Gras!

goose-178143_1280(  Meh. The alliteration sounded good.  Do people still eat that stuff??)  



I’m even going to help you out, and post some of my favorite meatless recipes for you to try every Monday!


First up, Tofu!


its okay to admit that looks DELICIOUS!


Okay, so this isn’t so much a recipe as it is a base skill to build upon…Kind of like knowing how to bake or grill chicken.  Once you’ve got the technique down, you can improvise that basic skill into almost anything! It’s the same with Tofu.


This stuff is amazing.


No, really, hear me out.


There’s a weird sort of general ‘eww’ face (see above.)  that most people make at the mention of tofu, and the poor defenseless bean-curd really doesn’t deserve the bad rap it seems to have gotten over the years.  Even my super-carnivorous husband orders General Tso’s tofu when he gets Chinese take-out now.  He just likes it better!


Its all about using the right kind of tofu, and cooking it the right way.


I’m going to post a link to a blog I referred to often when I first became vegetarian, and still go back to frequently ( The Connoisseurus Veg ).  This particular post is about the perfect pan-fried tofu, but she has lots of wonderful and delicious recipes that you can try, and they are well thought out and explained!


In her post, she doesn’t use any sort of seasonings or spices.  Again, she’s teaching you the basics here.


But my favorite way to season this basic type of pan-fried tofu is with a bit of salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  I just sprinkle one side lightly before putting it face-down in the pan, and then sprinkle the naked side before flipping.


You can put this tofu into anything! Salad, stir-fry…try cooking the tofu the night before making your favorite crock-pot chicken meal without the chicken, and tossing it into the crock-pot for the last 20 minutes or so.  Or, pan-fry it right before you’re getting ready to eat, and toss it into the crock-pot mixture as you serve it.  The possibilities are pretty much endless!


So give it a go, and let me know what you think! I’m sure many of you will be surprised at just how much you enjoy it!

Click here for Connoiseurus Veg’s Step-by-Step pan-fried tofu!

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